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So You Want To Be A Medium


Wanting to be a medium is the first step in the right direction. It takes dedication, commitment and a yearning to help your fellow being.

Those who think that, by choosing this pathway, their lives will be without necessary pain and hardship are under an illusion. I believe that we all have lessons to learn here in life, no matter what road we take. Our spirit friends cannot shield us from the very lessons we have come here to learn. This we must do from our own experiences.

I cannot emphasis enough the importance of meditation. Not only does it enable you to blend with spirit, it gives your body and mind, peace and tranquility. Within meditation you feel the love of the spirit, which is all encompassing, it is the only way I can describe it. So I recommend that you clearly set times and days in your head for meditation and stick to them. The spirit world like routine as they have to plan their day also.

Educate yourself. There are hundreds of books and web sites for you to learn from. Gain as much knowledge as you can, it all helps with your development. Read books not only on development of your mediumship, but the deeper meaning of the spirit world. Find out about spiritual teachings through books given by guides such as "Silver Birch" or Gregory Haye. These books are educational and are trance teachings from the spirit world.

It is important to join a development or awareness circle as you will find your meditations stronger and you will be under the instruction and guidance of a trained medium. These circles, to begin with, will be open, this means everybody is welcome. These circles can be found at your local spiritualist church or spiritual centres.

You will find that as you progress, you will be asked to join a closed circle. It may be at the church or in a friends home, it does not matter which. As it is a closed circle, you must attend every week and be totally dedicated. Here the energy will be much stronger as it will be the same people each week sitting in love and harmony. There should be a medium who is willing to watch in attendance.

Here you will find that deeper levels of meditation are achieved and some group members may go into trance, which is why there should be a medium or somebody with knowledge about trance who is in control. A safe environment to start your Trance development under the trained eyes of your mentor.

Go to as many workshops as possible, as you can never stop learning. They do a lot of practical exercises which gets you working. With circle work, you can also work with your clairvoyance, however it is with the same people each week. At workshops you get to work with other like-minded people that you do not know, which stretches you that little bit more. You will start to understand your mediumship and senses a little more. No matter how much you think you know, you can always take something home from these occasions. Keep learning and pushing yourselves.


The biggest negative that you will find is from people of little or no understanding. Do not let this bother you as it is up to them to find their own truth when they are ready. What you will find is that like-minded people will be drawn to you and opportunities will open up to help you along the way.

Remember this: it is not us giving information when giving a reading, it is our friends in the spirit world. We are just the telephone line, pure and simple.


Know your path be one of true light and love.  

The Path of Eternal Life
Oh Divine Master, Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, to be loved as to love. For it is in the giving that we are born to eternal life.
Francis of Assisi