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Silent Voices Article

A Day in the life of a Medium

By Bernie Scott


Are we different? No is the answer we as mediums are oh!! so very ordinary except that we have developed the gift to see and hear the spirit world. This comes with lots of self work and blending with those that work with us in the spirit world.

I just switch on when I'm working and off when I'm not. I need to be disciplined because I work so many hours with the spirit world that the times I do not is my grounding time, which is very much needed.

I awoke this morning with a smile, always a smile, as I know that I'm going to help someone today, this gives me a feeling of great comfort. I never know what my readings are going to bring about but always a nice surprise listening to peoples memories in spirit, their hobbies, jobs like and dislikes. It brings a lot of pleasure to me to be able to unite the two worlds.

So for a quick breakfast, I?m counting my points as I'm slimming. Well!! Trying too. I saw a photo of myself at Christmas. Somebody took a picture at a demonstration I was doing and I was not a happy bunny at the outcome. So slimming it is.

My first appointment arrives at 10am, nervous and anxious. I put her mind at rest for I never give anything negative in my readings. My guides and I work for upliftment and peace of mind never negativity. I explain how I work and connect with the spirit world.

The reading went well and she was completely over the moon when her Rottweiler came through, whom she adored and was the spirit she wanted contact from. Her dog was her life, her best friend and child she never had. I was able to tell her the dogs habits, how he passed and much more. She was so happy with the evidence that was given. Poor woman was so nervous at first as she did not know if animals lived on and was quite scared that her dog would not come forward.

She went home with a smile on her face knowing that Rocky lives on and that they will meet again one day.

Quite often in readings the animals step forward and I?m always happy when this happens for they are our family too and believe me the owners are always happy to hear from them.

I have forty-five minutes until my next appointment time for a quick cuppa and answer some phone calls.

My next appointment arrives, Two sisters wanting to sit in together. That's not a problem I quite often get family members wanting just that. Straight away I get a connection with their brother who had shot himself, he stepped forward, reassuring them that he was well in spirit after receiving the help he needed there. He told me why he had done this and was sorry to bring such sadness on the family. He brought through many happy memories and made them laugh. Something he did not do for a few years before his passing. The sisters were content with the messages they were given and felt more at peace.

Time for another cuppa and half a sandwich and some emails, before my next appointment.

I have a telephone reading to the United States by skype . It was with a gentleman who had heard of me through a friend of his. Readings by phone are no different for me and I do these quite regularly. His father who was an alcoholic came forward with his mother who unfortunately had an unpleasant life with him. They both gave their evidence and the Father was full of remorse for his actions. His father wanted to make good realising since his passing what a terror he was and on looking back over his life wanted to make amends for his temper that everybody around him sampled more than once. His son needed reassurance that day that his Father did indeed love him and was sorry. Thankfully his Father came through with the words he needed to hear.

I have a healing in half an hour and no milk in the fridge, quick dash to shops and back again.

The lady for healing comes suffering from anxiety which healing is always good for. Brings a sense of peace into peoples lives as spirit touch their spirit. I listened to what she had to say and tried to help where possible. We can only but try and help, I know my guides would have worked well behind the scenes to help her where possible.

I have a demonstration in Wales later so I need to have a chill, I decide to have a meditation, I closed my eyes and promptly fell asleep. Not the best thing to do if your wanting to blend with your guides, unfortunately this sometimes happens. I'm sure they will forgive me. I awoke fresh as a daisy and promptly got myself ready for my Journey to Wales and grabbed a slimming meal from the fridge. Thank goodness I live near the motorway in Bristol makes life so much easier for me. It's 5-30pm time to leave the evening of Clairvoyance starts at 7-30pm so I need to take in account the traffic, there's always road works on the Motorway.

I get there with 15mins to spare, just time to freshen up. It was a packed house not one seat was free, what a great welcome I was given. I knew all would work well that night the energy from the audience was fabulous. I gave a quick talk and told people how I worked. I then proceeded with the evidence. A mother connects with her daughter, a grandmother connects with her grandson and then a gentleman in spirit who had thrown himself under a train which was very tragic as you can imagine, his fiancé sat in the audience was so pleased to hear from him. It was a good start to the evening as loved ones came through one after another to bring forward their upliftment, their healing but most of all their words to say please 'don't grieve for us we are more alive than you'.

Two halves to the evening with a nice buffet in the middle, so many goodies to choose from, then thought of my diet and just had a quarter of a ham sandwich, wow was it temping.

So back for the second half and for forty-five minutes more I worked with my team to be that link between the two worlds. 'Time Bernie' was called and phew!! I was pooped and just about ready to finish.

A friend of mine Sarah, came with me for company. Sarah is on a bit of a mission of discovery when it comes to mediums always wanting to find out more, she is on a quest herself for seeking the truth. I was so pleased she chatted away and kept me awake while I was driving, It was 11-30pm before I got home that night, Phew, still time for a quick look at FB and a nice glass of red wine.