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Award Winning International Medium Bernie Scott is a Clairsentient, Clairaudient and Clairvoyant Medium, which means she sees, feels, senses and hears what the spirit world are communicating. She is friendly and totally approachable with her cheery disposition and makes everybody feel comfortable and totally at ease. Using her abilities as a medium or messenger from the spirit world, she has brought comfort and healing to people worldwide.
Bringing Together the Two Worlds

Bernie takes every opportunity to demonstrate her mediumistic ability, endeavoring to reunite relatives with their departed loved ones. Knowing we never stop developing, Bernie is always asking her guides to help her to push the boundaries of her work, wanting each message from the other side to be as perfect as possible to prove, beyond doubt, that our spirits are eternal. To prove our loved ones are more alive than we are and that they are able to talk with us. The evidence she gives is uplifting, reassuring, and from the world of spirit. She works very closely with her guides whom encourage and inspire her with her work.

Bernie has demonstrated her gifts of spirit to very large and small audiences at many different venues and is always happy to visit new places in Great Britain and abroad. Although she gives telephone readings, people have traveled great distances to see her in Bristol.
She has read for TV and Stage personalities, Artists, Musicians, Solicitors and Doctors and people from all walks of life.
Bernie continues to give telephone consultations to people worldwide.

America, Abu Dhabi, Italy, Hungry, Jamaica, Australia, Ireland, Norway, Switzerland,  Greece, Spain, Germany, Canada, Portugal, New Zealand, Sweden, Holland to name but a few.

Bernie has been interviewed on BBC Radio, International Internet Radio, BBSradio with Spirits Work Radio, Esoteric on-line and featured in Venue Magazine.

So if you are seeking a genuine spirit reading,
are looking to connect with your loved ones, friends and pets who passed on before you,
call Bernie Scott and arrange a session.

Readings  Mon-Sat with some evenings available
(+44) 01454-613885

Not Only does she give readings but is a qualified Spiritual healer and Reiki Master. Healing is another very important aspect of her mediumship