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With my deepest respect to you all. This is my truth, understanding, teachings, knowledge and belief.
I sincerely want to share this with you in the hope that it helps you and brings you comfort in your grief...

This page is dedicated to all of you that grieve for a close family member or dearest friend, my sincere condolences to you all. I do hope that you find some comfort with the words below, I do hope that it helps in some small way.

Doris Stokes

 Doris Stokes renown medium recites a beautiful poem for all of you that have sadly lost children.

Dori sStokes Mourning

Mick Avery

Mick Avery trance medium and a very good friend now retired from working as an excellent Trance Communicator left us with these wonderful words. Mick while in a trances state brought through these comforting words from his communicator Gregory.

             Thanks to Gregory Haye Communicator of the White Cloud Group talking about Mourning

Gregory Haye Mourning
It may be considered by many that mourning is a negative thing. The passing of one loved, one forgiven, one seen as lost forever casts many to the mantle of despair. Is it the bright eyes that will never shine in the face; the energy moving backwards and forwards as they move around the room of memory? Is it the echo of the voice on the silent walls?

Mourning is a necessity; a way in which you may forgive yourself in a desperate bid to lock all of that memory in yourself. It is that which brings emotion forwards when you feel your love will burst because no longer can you place it or surround it on the one who has passed. You feel perhaps you can no longer hold them nor can they hold you.
For some, these memories remain stark and clear for many years. They swim backwards and forwards between the present time of now and the time of distant past aching for release. These memories stir emotions of love, want and need, of desire to be filled, yet, remain always

These can be troubling times. The memories may spark a release of one emotion or another as if coming from some hidden place bursting out through the ether world and into the physical state making the person feel hollow and empty. Making them feel caught in the headlights of life’s stark reality they can no longer fulfill.
Human beings become distraught at change, yet change is everywhere. It exists in all places for life is change. And in the spirit world, too, change is continuous movement. Even the slowest form of thought brings about a change of will and realization to another pathway.

We see mourning as a way of releasing energy of emotion, not necessarily sadness, but realizing that by release of this energy their spirit may in some way be sated by what we give them through
distraught humor or anger. The variable density each one feels does not signify their love is less or their memory is less honorable or astute. 

We could see each other trying to fulfill the path left empty by the presence of a loved one, or we could

see relatives lying in puddles of tears unable to comprehend life beyond these moments. All people need to understand solace and the way forward through mournful tears to become collected as a memory to them, to become honorable as they would have wished this journey to be, and to look upon you to see you still strive for those perfected races. For the laughter. For the tears of joy to replace the tears of loss. How else do you suspect your loved one may move forward if you are always thinking in reverse, if you are
always looking to those times when you wish you could have done more, said more, thought more forcefully, clung more to their every word, or had a better life than they had ever had.

Some are even remotely visited by loved ones from our side of life, and yet, cannot feel them or sense them because their loss is too great. Their sensitivity, instead of being heightened at their mourning, is, in fact, deadened by it. The purity that is seen in the eyes of a life, even though no longer present, may well be the purity of spirit in close position to them. They are all around, and yet, they do not see them because their negativity of their mournful state disallows their vision. They cry, “Why me? Why am I left when my loved ones are missing, are taken from me?”

They see this as a cry for help, but their tears blind them to the real state of truth. Their sensitivity lost they cannot feel them. They cannot feel their presence though their love is directed at them. The yearning can be too great for those on your side of life and make the occupancy of energy driven towards them by those loved ones in the spirit world unable to penetrate.

My dear friends, for those of you who mourn too much, think of this. Extend your love, your awareness to peace and your ability to gather yourself. Think not in terms of memory past. Creating a pathway for you now, can show you that you can bring yourself to relief and realize another way forward. This will mean your loved ones may come close even though they may feel distant memories. And in a time when you least expect it, they may make their appearance or their presence felt in the real way of giving something back to let you know they are there giving you love, patting your mind, stroking your hair or giving you loving healing so your thoughts may become whole again.

Memories do not become distant just because you forget them from time to time. They are not any less for not being re-awakened daily or hourly in some form of respect. You may honor them by honoring
yourself and your life. Move forward with them. Do not be held back by your own lack of respect or understanding of just where they are. In this way, you may recover and understand the purity of life as it
remains eternal without favor.

You may mourn, but do not live to mourn. Be thankful you have
journeyed together.

     By Spirit guide Gregory Haye through the superb mediumship of Mick Avery  Copyright©2005 ST