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Evenings of Mediumship and Clairvoyant Readings. Internationally and uk


We have all got the gift we just need to know how to tap into it....Mediums have developed a sensitivity to the world of spirit allowing them to work closely with their guides and helpers. Mediums are able to tune into spiritual vibrations, which enables them to communicate with spirit and to pass one messages to the recipient on the earth plane. They could not do this without their guides and helpers. In a manner of speaking, a medium is just a telephone line passing on information received.

Development of a medium never ends. it is a vocation of love. Regular meditation is required and they attend a closed circle.

A good medium should describe the person who is communicating with them in good detail - height, weight, age, personality, etc. It is not enough to say "I have a gentleman here", for that gentleman could be anybody. Mediums work to give proof of life after the transition of so called 'death', to let people know that they live on in a spiritual dimension of life.

There are many people in the world of spirit hoping that their loved ones on the earth plane will be inspired to seek the help of a medium, so they can pass on their love and healing. 


Clairsentience is like intuition to the ninth degree. Mediums feel the presence of spirit, they feel their height, feel their weight, their mannerisms, it's a knowing. They know how the person passed as the condition is usually impressed upon that of the medium.

Clairsentience or clear sensing, is a gift of extra feeling impressed upon us by our friends in spirit. Mediums receive this from a higher vibrational plane of spirit. Some people are very sensitive. Call it intuition or gut feeling. These feelings can be developed further by sitting for development and meditation.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see visions beyond the earth plane. It's an inner seeing with the third eye or mind's eye. Some mediums see their visions like a movie clip being played to them, others see it as photographs, whilst others just see snippets like the head and shoulders, and not the rest of the body, or a steering wheel and no car. These are seeing subjectively.

Other mediums can see spirit as if in the flesh, as if the spirit is real and is standing right next to them or beside the person the message is for. This is seeing objectively outside the mind's eye.

The more you meditate, the more your clairvoyance and other abilities will become stronger. You will find that your guide who works with you knows you better than you know yourself. I always say the more you work your gifts the more it all comes about.

Remember Spirit use your memories, everything you have seen and witnessed is logged somewhere within your mind and your guides will use any past memories that you have if it relates to the sitter and the reading. Ok so say you went to the zoo and had a picture taken with a monkey, suddenly when giving the reading, that image or thought may come to mind, just give it to the sitter hopefully they will say that It is a memory of something that they did with the relation/ friend that is communicating or they may well have a picture of a monkey and themselves on the mantle piece. Who knows, as you progress you will understand your mediumship more and more and find it becoming easier as you develop, just go with the way you feel and do not analyse it too much and make it complicated. However, if you can't understand something that was given to you , just ask spirit to give it to you with more detail and they will certainly oblige if that link is good and strong.

The chakras or energy centres associated with clairvoyance is situated in the forehead, between the eyebrows. To the trained medium, this works almost simultaneously with the throat centre.


Clairaudience  is the gift of clear hearing. A few mediums hear the spirit voices from beyond the earth plane, they say, it is like someone standing next to them and they hear on the outside. The words that are heard are sometimes broken up because it takes a greater effort for those trying to communicate. This is hearing objectively.

I would say 95% of mediums hear the voices within their head, which is subjectively. This is quite hard when it starts to happen in the early days of development, because the voice has no audible sound as such. I can only describe it as hearing your own voice, or receiving your own thoughts within your mind.

This is quite confusing for the untrained as you can confuse yourself with subconscious. I always maintain to give the message the way you hear it, either objectively or subjectively, and you can't go wrong. The minute you start to think about it or analyse it, chances are your own mind will come into play.

Clairaudience comes from the throat chakra or energy centre, and is separated from all emotional activity in that it deals with fact, not feeling.


Clairalience or "Clear Smelling" is the ability to smell a spirit. For example, a medium may smell the pipe tobacco of a person who smoked during life.


Clairgustance or "Clear Tasting" is the ability to receive taste impressions from a spirit.


Claircognizance or "Clear Knowing", is the ability to know something without receiving it through normal or psychic senses. It is a feeling of "just knowing". Often, a medium will claim to have the feeling that a message or situation is "right" or "wrong".


The most marvelous thing is we never stop developing, if the intention and love is there we simply grow and grow. Do always seek the highest and the best and do not forget to meditate.

A Light Workers Prayer

I ask that spirit walk with me this day and that I have the courage to carry this truth within me in all that I do.
To fully stand in my own truth and power is to honour the spirit within.
Help me today to remember both who I am and who I am not. Who I am is magnificent, yet to carry the façade of who I am not only detracts from that magnificence.
To except the truth of my own limitations clears the path to carrying true power. I know that holding my power is only possible when I am not afraid of being vulnerable.
This day I will balance my ego by checking it often and see my true motivations.
I accept the power that is rightfully mine and will use it to create home on this side of the veil.
I ask that I may allow spirit to emanate from me to all who chose to look upon me, that I may be a perfect mirror so that they me see The Divine spirit within themselves,
Help me to touch their hearts with all my love and allow them to remember home and who they really are as I remember who I am.
As Spirit walks with me this day, I remember to give thanks for the gift of spirit on my shoulder. May I always use it for the highest good of all concerned.
I vow to enjoy this day to it’s fullest and to laugh at every opportunity. This day I will carry the vibrations of home in every thought, action and deed. This day I will remember. Amen Author unknown.