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Sitting In Circle


 Circle work is crucial to your development. It is a must, in my opinion, to join an awareness or development circle. Your spiritual awareness will quicken whilst sitting in a group of like-minded people with the same desire. Not only are the energies stronger, you are under the care of a tutor who can stretch you and help you with all aspects of mediumship. You will find that your mediumistic abilities will strengthen through working in a group situation where you will receive guidance and be able to practice on other members of the circle.

Detailed below are guidelines of how to sit, if you are thinking of holding or running a home closed circle:

It is important that for those of you attending an open circle to be sure the Medium in charge is knowledgeable about all aspects of mediumship and has got experience. It has come to my attention that untrained mediums are running open circles and are not prepared for all the different experiences that may occur.

Development Circle

Know your path be one of true light and love. 

Organising a home circle

1. You will need a circle leader, either a medium or somebody who is very knowledgeable in this field. The circle leader observes the circle phenomena, the trainee medium and every aspect of the home circle. They must be knowledgeable about trance. Their decisions should be respected.

2. A minimum of three sitters, however the energies will be stronger with more sitters.

3. A clean and clutter-free room.

4. The room should be prepared about an hour beforehand with fresh flowers, a candle or red light and some music.

5. All sitters should harmonise and work together as a team. Jealousy will upset the energies. All sitters must have the highest intentions and work in love and light.

6. Do not have a heavy meal before you sit, as you are likely to fall asleep.

7. Commitment to the circle is essential. Always hold the circle on the same day and the same time each week.

8. I always open the circle with prayer asking for the highest of those in love and light and protection; closing the circle with a prayer of thanks and a healing prayer.

9. The circle leader should then talk you into the meditation with a guided visualisation and as the cicle progresses no visiualisation is needed  it will be enough just to sit in the power . There will be quiet time for you to blend, with love, with your guides that work with you.

10. The leader will encourage you as your progress with practical exercises for your development.

11. If the leader of the circle feels that a member of the circle is not taking it seriously, they should be asked to leave. Lateness, feeble excuses for absences, upsetting the other members of the group through jealousy, all of these will upset the energies. I would ask them to leave, even if it is your friend. Commitment and harmony are very important to the circle.

When sitting in circle, your sensitivity will heighten bringing mood changes. This is because you are becoming more aware. Please be patient, in my view, a hard lesson to learn. Know that if you do not visualise or feel anything in meditation, it is not wasted. Your guides are still there working with you.  Please never compare yourself with a fellow sitter. Your experience is unique to you .

There are many books written about developing your mediumship and the spirit world. I suggest that you educate yourself with as much knowledge as you can as this will help with your understanding and progression.

I hope this has helped you to get started on your journey of enlightenment.

Silver Fox

Oh love,be thy richness,
Be thy holding form, upon the minds of all spirit
Who come this way.
Let not your path be one of trodden dreams
and mistaken identity.
Know your path be one of true light and love.
Leaving beauty in your wake, softness and gentle words
Upon the memories of those you meet.
We all in grace, live in the Eternal Creator’s heart,
All uplifted within the bounty of love.

Taken from the book Inner Songbirds by Mick Avery