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Bernie talking about her connection with Animals and her amazing link as she brings them forward to connect with their owners in Demnstrations


Article written about Bernie's Mediumship through a happy sitter, who was amazed by her accuracy 

A Day In The Life Of A Medium

Written By Bernie Scott

June 1st 2011

I awoke this morning with a smile, always a smile, as I know that I’m going to help someone today, this gives me a feeling of great comfort. I never know what my readings are going to bring about but always a nice surprise listening to peoples memories in spirit, their hobbies, jobs like and dislikes. It brings a lot of pleasure to me to be able to unite the two worlds.

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On the Road with Clairvoyant Medium Bernie Scott.

By:Sarah Sidorowicz

April 2011
 So the evening begins, she describes a man who doesn't have one of his legs. Does anyone know a man who has passed that had a leg removed. It takes a while for a man in the corner to answer and say that he knows him, she then goes on to say a bit about his character and how he passed away to verify that she has the right link, she is drawn back to the leg which she finds a bit strange and asked if the leg was removed because of gangrene, the man in the corner then says yes it fell off.

Harvest Moon-By Journalist Christina Ruth

Bernie Scott’s Harvest Moon Performance

Written by Journalist Christina Ruth on September 23rd 2010

The atmosphere in the room is one of optimistic expectancy tinged with a small dose of skepticism.  Popular tunes from the amplifiers, the buzz of talk and laughter, some of it nervous, combined with the shuffling of chairs heightens the ‘vibration’ of the room.  More than 150 people have come to see Bernie, many hoping for a message.

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